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One of our ongoing projects is reaching out to students in learning institutions via the spotlight club/community and engage them in progressive activities in our study and facilitation of the youth demographic.

Student research competition

The spotlight research competition offers undergraduate and graduate students a unique forum to showcase their research, exchange ideas and improve their communication skills while competing for prizes.

The student research competition has the following Goals

Eligibility and Guidelines

  1. Participants must be students at the time of initial submission.
  2. Research should be at least 4 pages long, contain the name, university course undertaken by the author.
  3. The research should be submitted via email at [email protected] in pdf format.
  4. Graduate student submissions need to be single authored while undergraduate student submissions can be submitted in teams & multiple authors.
  5. Research works accepted will be published in the spotlight online library and a sum of at least ksh.1000 will be awarded to the best ranked research published.
  6. Researches published may be featured in issues of the spotlight magazine and the students may be called upon to feature in media discussions and podcasts on the same.
  7. Research topics will be provided every two weeks and the introduction of a new topic will mark the deadline of submissions for the previous research topic.
  8. Plagiarism is not allowed.
  9. All communications on winners & awards will be made via email through [email protected]and through our various WhatsApp groups.
  10. Outstanding authors will be recognized during event conferences by spotlight Kenya.

Selection process for the student research competition

The student research competition content is reviewed by a jury of experts that will evaluate the work based on the overall quality, originality and relevance to the field of research and the spotlight community. Student research competition submissions will be archived in the spotlight

library and will be evaluated based on;

The official publication date is the date the researches are made available in the digital library.