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What is feminism really?

November 24, 2022 Africa/Nairobi

Most of us define feminism as according women opportunities at the expense of men. but what is feminism really? The initial definition is about according women and men equal rights. the political ideology of feminism is that societies prioritize the male point of view and women are treated unjustly within the societies. Ideologists define feminism as a movement of persons who share the same ideology that is women should be given equal rights with all those of men in all spheres of society that is political, social, cultural and economic. The holy book defines it in genesis 2:19-20 where a woman was created to help men accomplish God’s work.

Most people believe that feminism is a woman’s thing but really everyone can be a feminist. male, female or non-binary, young or old, what makes a feminist is the firm belief and support in the values of feminism. You might be wondering where feminism came has evolved in different stages that is 4 waves.

The first wave ran through (1840-1950) during this period there was the great depression which led to the issue of asking for equal pay rights. The world wars at the time also contributed to the issue of having more women work since men had gone to work.

-there was an issue of political rights, women were allowed to vote. Let’s say for example in 1918, women in the United Kingdom who were 30 years and above and owned a house were allowed to vote .in 1920 united states of America had the 19th amendment which allowed women for women to vote.

The 2nd wave (1960-1970)

We experienced the emergence of different ideologies. women now started advocating for more. we saw the rise of black women advocating for equality.

The 3rd wave (1980-1990)

At this age and time women were able their sexuality. there was realization of women’s rights more agitation and culmination in the women's conference in Beijing.

The 4th wave

This is basically the current wave or the modern wave. Feminists are focusing on street harassment, campus sexual harassment, harassment at the work place. There is social Media awareness a good example is the #me too movement

Through out the movements we have seen immense growth in the feminine world in regards to equality and almost everything that was being advocated. which brings us to the question

Can modern feminism start the discrimination against men?

The focus has greatly shifted to women, the rights, political social, economic in short, all the arenas of life. The whole idea seems to have shifted from sensitization to ridiculing men

A male friend of mine once made a comment to me that got me thinking he said” the world is focused so much on women empowerment that I feel my gender will be extinct in a couple of years”. A great example is in the arena of gender-based violence which will be my point of focus.

Violence against men is a phenomenon that has prevailed in our society for long, but has never gotten the limelight this is because many critics claim that violence caused by women is usually caused in retaliation or rather self-defense. This has led to most men actually not being able to open up about what they go most cultures, male children are often taught not to cry just because it would show that they are weak and the men tend to grow with the notion

Statistics reveal that currently all over the world ,63% of men fall victims of violence. Our social, cultural and emotional barriers blind us to see women as victims. shifting the focus from men to women fully will definitely lead to discrimination of men.

Statistics also show that 84% of men all over the world battle depression but they cannot speak out. looking around most rescue centers are for dealing with female victims or rescuing victims of violence who are women