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We judge our Gods

December 07, 2022 Africa/Nairobi

On the highway,In Nairobi

The wind on my skin

Sun rays on architectural screens

I let the Sunset blind my eyes

On my way to see my next of kin

My daughter is royalty, our father is King

Who’s Art in heaven?

The people are sinning so I try not to enjoy the scenery

Passing people, I see different faces

Some mindless Some mindful

Each going through different phases

They are Caught in a crossfire

Of a war they couldn’t see unless they wore my lenses

I paid attention to all my senses

We listened to the same song but heard different music

We read the same words but get different meanings

You identify more with the you on Netflix

Than the you in the mirror you view

Some people lived while some existed

The living dead,I decided to live for them

Alive in the thrill of bike-riding on the highways

“If I died & went to heaven

Would I make it through the main gate?”

I think of the juxtaposition

As I pass through the towns of the haves and the have nots.

Glass Towers & villas vis a vis Shanties of the ghettos

A people is stuck in their own makings & universe

Everyone around me is talking but They can’t hear what is being said

To each his own Tower of Babel

I let Aurora’s “Soft Universe”speak to me

My daughter is Elated when she sees me

The sun of my Universe

“And what is the universe without each sunrise and sunset

That's how we judge our gods

Not on their math but their poetry.”