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R Vs The World

November 21, 2022 Africa/Nairobi

I told R that the world already ended and she just missed it. Just like Eve took a bite from the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge, humanity had taken a bite of the apple too. The fall of man seems repetitive just as all history is. When Steve Jobs created the apple technology maybe mankind shouldn’t have taken a bite off the fruit. But how could man know the weight that knowledge besets upon a recipient who is not ready. Invention in its primary essence is simply discovery, and we call it good whence we discover technology, but who is man to discern what is bad and good for him. After the fall of man, we find ourselves living in an apocalyptic aftermath. More like going through the motions grasping at the little chances we get to feel alive. In the 4th issue of the spotlight magazine I write a poem called let me tell you about this prison you’re in, the idea is you have to realize your imprisonment first but isn’t ignorance such a blissful thing.To quote from one of my favorite reads, ”Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.” I asked her to read from spotlight Le magazine,an article on ,the Nature of Artificial Intelligence by wilson Rading and share her thoughts. This was my first time meeting R.

R might just be the most interesting person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this year. She understood the concept of generational wealth. Such a peculiar standard of determining interesting persons,but believe me when i say she exceeded every other standard you might have in mind. Tall beautiful,poised,self aware, elegant taste…judging her by all that would be unfair to everyone else. In a heated group argument on whom in the world is actually rich and who isn’t, she and I were in aligned agreement on every person,simply because we understood the difference between wealth and riches. And judging by the arguments of the group members who were in dissent of our opinions the crux of the problem was one,long-term thinking.The ability to make long term decisions is a lost art and how necessary it is ,to think and act long term especially in times when Monday seems to be a second away from Friday. And what are years but trips around the sun,think about it.