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Paging Dr Memes

November 06, 2022 Africa/Nairobi

On the 4th Night of November, I didn’t meet G again. This night, with all its schemes and plans, the universe had conspired such that all my actions, decisions and choices had led me to a fashion exhibit somewhere in the city. In this point in time and space is where I met F. She was bold, astute, and beside her impeccable beauty ,from conversation i was certain that she is capable of convincing a snake to walk.

Okay, let’s cut the licentiousness. If memes could cure your depression everyone would be unbelievably happy and meme lords should introduce themselves as doctors. I’ve had the argument before,’i post memes to help people escape after a hard day’s work or escape their rough days in general. First of all, Dr. memes, anyone working all day and hard will not feel better after reading a sentence and a half of misguided satire in the name of humor. In a list of things that relax my mind after a hard days work i’d be depressed if I put memes in the same list with conversation with a loved one or even music. Secondly, if you are having rough days to the extent that memes are the highlight of your day then we need to address the root of the predicament you call your life and this might come as a shock, but memes are not part of the solution you think they are.

Dr. Andrew Huberman a Neuroscientist has extensively covered the effects of cellphones and social media when it comes to dopamine releases, novelty and surprises. “If we are to look at ourselves through the lens of an experiment we’d think that animal is sick. An animal digging in the corner just looking and looking and looking…that’s really sad..”He says. But you already know the effects of social media and just don’t give a fuck so let’s focus on memes. I’ll outline a few points not to make this blog too long so catch this topic as a discussion on our next podcast.

Your ability to take in information longer than the size of a meme is compromised. Your mind expects a reward after a short read. If you read this blog this far then I’m either a good writer or you’re a healthy person.

Your ability to think critically is affected, I can’t count the number of times people have quoted memes as a reason to do or not do something, let alone the ‘we don’t give a fuck’ attitude it propagates.

Social abilities and personalities are killed. A very shocking number of times I’ve been in group conversations and a person will say a meme word by word and own it like it’s their joke hoping no one else saw the meme. And i find it funny isn’t a natural ability anymore.

I keep meeting surprisingly interesting people and always wonder whether they know it about themselves. The joy in life is in its actual surprises not in memes. I leave you with an assiduous quote from F, she said, “Have a good day!