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Fashion, Planet & Emperors

November 08, 2022 Africa/Nairobi

“Salusa Secundus” I thought. This was an odd thought to creep in as i was walking down the runway at the TOMOLLO fashion exhibit. Being myself,runways were, to me simply a display of the majesty in the basic human ability of mobility. It’s akin to a mother waiting for months for her child to finish crawling so she can walk. And since we cannot fly without man made machines I’d say wandering the earth or walking is at least an expression of the creator’s epitome. TOMOLLO fashion allows me to express this.

Salusa Secundus is an imperial planet. An exceptional place filled with gardens of exotic flowers and vines only witnessed by royal eyes and blood. The rising sun on Salusa Secundus is the most golden spectacle imaginable and it’s rays dance on rose petals the size of a human head. The princess on the imperial planet is always plotting schemes within schemes alongside her two anciently-bred Tigers that devour children for sport. Salusa Secundus with all it’s charm is an imperial prison where the emperor sends the worst riff-raff in the galaxy, a penal colony. In this planet, the prisoners were exposed to the harshest conditions and trained to be the most vicious and feared army in the galaxy. Such fierceness from such a beautiful place. Maybe there’s a Salusa Secundus in all of us. The question is how did the emperor tame such an army of vagabonds?How do we achieve that balance between such beauty and ferocity?

I almost lost my balance when the flash from a photographer hit my eyes. I was suddenly back on the runway and not on Salusa Secundus, keen not to lose my majesty. For a moment I was a plannet and adorning all that imperium was TOMOLLO fashion, I smiled for the camera.